June 19th, 2016

Hoffman Races To Summit Nationals Victory At Terre Haute Action Track
15-Year Old O’Neal Claims ILMS Victory Over Full Field

(Terre Haute, IN 6-19-16) Competitors came out in large numbers for the Hi99 FM and Scott’s Custom Colors Father’s Day Special presented by Scheid Diesel.  On hand was the second leg of the Summit Nationals for the Scott’s Custom Colors Modifieds as well as the Indiana Late Model Series.  In all, 30 Modifieds, 22 Late Models, and a sizable crowd graced the 1/2-mile dirt oval.

With the large field of Scott’s Custom Colors UMP Modifieds, heats, a B-main, and four provisionals lined up the 22-car starting field.  When the green dropped on the 20-lap feature, Robinson, IL driver Brian Shaw shot into a decent lead with Nick Hoffman in tow.  Richie Lex, who started fifth, was able to work his way around Kenny Wallace and polesitter, Trent Young, to move into third.  With seven laps in, the first caution waved, lining the field up for a single file restart.  Back to green, Hoffman flew by Shaw and into the top spot.  Over the final half of the race and through a couple of restarts, Hoffman showed his strength, holding off Shaw, Lex, Josh Harris, and Wallace for the victory.  The top five was represented by five different states, NC, IL, IN, KY, MO.  Rounding out the top ten were Tyler Nicely, Young, Zach Fair, Kenny Carmichael, Sr., and Phil Dixon.

Modified heat wins were claimed by Hoffman, Young, and Shaw.  The thrilling B-Main saw Springfield, IL driver, Rick Wietekamp race his way from the eighth starting position to the front of the pack by using the high lane.  As the checkered fell, Wietekamp was followed by Jason Perry and Jake Humphrey.

Sunday also marked the first visit from the Indiana Late Model Series, based out of Brownstown, IN.  They did not disappoint, with a showing of 22 cars and some pretty stout ones at that.  When the green waved, the 15-year old son of veteran racer Don O’Neal, Hudson O’Neal raced to the front.  O’ Neal, who has won a number of shows already this season with the series, was no question the one to beat.  Even with a few cautions to bunch up the field, the Martinsville, IN youngster remained unflappable.  Marty Oneal, who started toward the front, fell back early but worked hard to make it all the way back to second.  At the checkered, Hudson O’Neal was followed by Marty O’Neal, Raymond Humphrey, Steve Barnett, and Remington Gill.  The rest of the top ten were Geraid Gault, Austin Burns, Jeremy Owens, Tyler Cain, and Steve Godsey.

At intermission of the show, 24 youngsters from the Terre Haute Quarter Midget Association took the track for a couple laps on the big 1/2-mile.  The competitors normally run on a weekly basis at their track, located at 2300 South 13th Street in Terre Haute, IN.  The families enjoyed the day from the infield with a cookout and got to watch some great racing.  For more info on the Terre Haute Quarter Midget Association, visit www.thqma.com.

Terre Haute Action Track Results

Scott’s Custom Colors UMP Modifieds
1) 2H Nick Hoffman (Mooresville, NC)
2) 1S Brian Shaw (Robinson, IL)
3) 7LEX Richie Lex (Morgantown, IN)
4) 16c Josh Harris (Utica, KY)
5) 36 Kenny Wallace (St. Louis, MO)
6) 25 Tyler Nicely (Owensboro, KY)
7) 10Y Trent Young (Crofton, KY)
8) 1 Zach Fair (Petersburg, IN)
9) 92 Kenny Carmichael, Sr. (Terre Haute, IN)
10) A1 Phil Dixon (Crosby, TX)
11) 7P Jason Perry (Allendale, IL)
12) 89W Rick Wietekamp (Springfield, IL)
13) K9 Will Krup (Mt. Carmel, IN)
14) X Jesse Snider (Robinson, IL)
15) 21D Danny Schwartz (Ashmore, IL)
16) 6B Dave Baldwin (Perrysville, IN)
17) 24 Zeke McKenzie (Claypool, IN)
18) 99T Tyler Loughmiller (Brazil, IN)
19) 77H Jake Humphrey (Gosport, IN)
20) 133 Gary Ricketts (Terre Haute, IN)
21) 5 Todd Sherman (Churubusco, IN)
22) 14S Cullen Goodman (Shelburn, IN)
DNS) 11M Josh McDaniel (Terre Haute, IN)
DNS) 2B Brent Hudson (Terre Haute, IN)
DNS)33 Scott Ricketts (Cory, IN)
DNS) 77C Jason Cox (Brazil, IN)
DNS) 231 Brandon Reed (Edinburgh, IN)
DNS) 87 David Shain (Sullivan, IL)
DNS) 79D John DeMoss (Bloomington, IN)

Indiana Late Model Series
1) 71 Hudson O’Neal
2) 19 Marty O’Neal
3) 75H Raymond Humphrey
4) 89 Steve Barrett
5) 75 Remington Gill
6) 9 Geraid Gault
7) 22R Austin Burns
8) 91 Jeremy Owens
9) 5C Tyler Cain
10) 14 Steve Godsey
11) 24R Issac Rainey
12) 1H Clint DeMoss
13) 33 Joey Jones
14) 45 Kyle McMahon
15) 94 Jason Basham
16) 11 TJ Swaner
17) 75P Shane Piatt
18) 20 Tyler Neal
19) 46 Chris Workman
20) 45X Race McMahon
21) 93 Derek Bottoms
22) J2 Johnny Joseph